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NACA promotes currach racing and the Celtic maritime heritage. The Association was established in 1982. NACA has eight clubs that sponsor regattas throughout the eastern and southern United States.

Club teams participate in numerous summer regattas, including competitions on the Hudson River, Chesapeake Bay, Boston Harbor, Lake Michigan, and in Ireland.

A currach is an Irish wood-framed boat, traditionally covered with animal skins, although modern currachs now use canvas and tar. Historically the currach served as both a fishing vessel as well as general transportation along the many rivers and coastal waters of Ireland. The construction and design of the currach is unique to the western coast of Ireland, while the size and shape vary by region.

Written records of the currach date from the time of Julius Caesar in 100 B.C. Early Gaelic accounts even speak of large ocean going sailing vessels roving the North Atlantic. One such account concerns Saint Brendan, an Irish monk during the Middle Ages, who wrote of having made a historic voyage across the Atlantic under sail and oars in a currach.

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